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4 Drink Recipes to Keep You Cozy this Fall

Gourmet Coffee and Loose Leaf Tea in TX

Ahh, fall! Everybody’s favorite season, right? It’s not too hot, not too cold, the colors are gorgeous, and it’s the perfect time to try out some deliciously flavorful warm beverages! The snuggly plaid shirts and cute fall boots that come with the season do a great job of keeping you comfy and relaxed. That means […]

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Different Ways to Display Your Funko Pop Collection

Funko Pop Vinyls in TX

One of the hottest trends in collectibles that has emerged in recent years is Funko Pop figurines! These quirky, distinctive keepsakes are typically available in keychains, vinyl figures, bobble-heads, and many other unique products that allow you to indulge your love for pop culture. Part of the fun of accumulating Funko Pops is figuring out […]

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Here’s the Tea on the History of American Tea Culture

Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea in TX and Online

Enjoying a soothing cup of tea with your family or a group of friends is a time-honored American tradition that has persisted for centuries! Tea drinking is a practice often associated with European and Asian countries, but America has developed a unique heritage of its own. The evolution of American Tea Culture has led to […]

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What Are the Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee?

Gourmet Coffee in Texas

With all of the sugary lattes and crazy cappuccino flavors popping up at coffee shops, you might be under the impression that coffee isn’t very good for you. While it’s true that loading up coffee beverages with cream, sugar, and artificial syrups makes it more like a sweet treat than a morning jolt, coffee is […]

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Why Do People Celebrate Christmas in July?

Christmas in July Sale in TX

You’re probably already familiar with the phrase “Christmas in July,” and especially aware of it at this time of year. Maybe you’ve been to a friend’s party or taken advantage of a company sale that plays along with the theme. It seems like the concept has just always been around, but it had to start […]

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4 Easy Dessert Ideas for Your 4th of July Party

Planning a 4th of July party can be stressful! You need to make sure you have enough food, drinks, festive decorations, fun activities and things to do—not to mention the cleaning and setup you’ll have to do to get your home party-ready. Luckily, there are a ton of great resources and helpful tips out there […]

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It’s Not Too Late to Shop for Dad!

Shop Father's Day Gifts Today | Otto's Granary

Father’s Day is just over one week away! If you’re the type to put off gift shopping until the last minute, don’t worry—it’s not too late to shop for dad. With so many options to choose from, there’s no doubt in our minds that he’ll love a gift from Otto’s Granary. We’ve mentioned a few […]

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Dark or Light Roast: Which has the Most Caffeine?

No matter which side of the spectrum you’re on—looking for that mid-afternoon energy boost or trying to limit your caffeine intake—you may be wondering which type of coffee has a higher percentage of caffeine: light or dark roast? Let’s break down the debate: Some people claim that dark roasts naturally have higher levels of caffeine, […]

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6 Amazing Benefits of Ginger Tea

cup of ginger tea on a wooden table

There’s nothing more comforting on a chilly day than a steaming mug of ginger tea. Whether you prefer it on its own or served with peppermint, lemon or honey, ginger tea isn’t just delicious—it’s packed with Vitamin C, magnesium and other minerals. Here are just a few other amazing benefits of ginger tea! Settle your […]