Whole Bean & Ground Gourmet Coffee

Coffee Beans
Otto’s Granary carries over 150 coffee beans from around the world include flavored, non-flavored, holiday, decaffeinated, regular, organic, fair trade, and dark roast.

Custom blends and special requests are welcome!

  • Godfather’s Blend
  • Ethiopian Harrar in Regular, Decaf & White Roast
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Tech Breakfast Blend
  • Dancing Goats
  • Peaberry
  • Hondorus
  • Kenya AA
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Tanzanian
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain
  • Cowboy Breakfast Blend
  • Costa Rican
  • Kona
  • Colombian Supremo

We also have several flavored coffees, including chocolate and holiday flavors.

We also have a great selection of Hawaiian coffees that are flown in from The Big Island, Kauai, Kona, Maui and Molokai.


Otto's Granary