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4 Drink Recipes to Keep You Cozy this Fall

Gourmet Coffee and Loose Leaf Tea in TX

Ahh, fall! Everybody’s favorite season, right? It’s not too hot, not too cold, the colors are gorgeous, and it’s the perfect time to try out some deliciously flavorful warm beverages!

The snuggly plaid shirts and cute fall boots that come with the season do a great job of keeping you comfy and relaxed. That means you’re also going to need something to keep you awake. Try out a few of these delectable tea and coffee recipes using our gourmet caffeine products, so you can drink in some of the savory flavors of fall this year!


Spiced Chai Latte

This tasty recipe is the perfect thing to warm you up and keep you alert as you make your way through your to-do list at the office. You’ll need a couple of bags of black tea, a handful of spices, a little sweetened condensed milk, and a cinnamon stick for serving. You can really boost the flavor using cinnamon or spiced chai loose-leaf tea!

Apple Cranberry Tea

Sip on something tart and sweet with a warm cup of apple cranberry tea! This tea is served warm instead of hot, as you’ll be adding both apple and cranberry juice to the hot water. Try a classic apples and spice tea or add a little citrus twist with cranberry-orange loose-leaf. Top it off with a pinch of pumpkin pie spice for an extra autumnal kick! Get the full recipe along with some other great ideas here.


Coconut Pumpkin Spice Latte

For a healthy spin on the traditional pumpkin spice latte you get from Starbucks every fall, try this unique recipe from Half Baked Harvest! It’s made with a coconut coffee base, pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, and some maple syrup for added sweetness. Expedite the preparation process with ground or whole coconut coffee beans!

Caramel Chocolate Hazelnut Latte

Enjoy this luscious beverage when you curl up by the fireplace or to satisfy your taste buds while you’re out and about. This recipe uses an instant coffee capsule, but our fresh caramel hazelnut coffee beans will take it to the next level! Grab some almond extract, chestnut syrup, hazelnut syrup, and half-and-half, and you’ll be all set.

At Otto’s Granary, we have a wide variety of unique and heavenly tea and coffee flavors for you to explore to help you find the perfect drink recipe for every season! All of our products are available in-store and online. Check out our selection in between digging out your favorite fall hoodie and looking for this year’s Halloween costume!