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Why Do People Celebrate Christmas in July?

Christmas in July Sale in TX

You’re probably already familiar with the phrase “Christmas in July,” and especially aware of it at this time of year. Maybe you’ve been to a friend’s party or taken advantage of a company sale that plays along with the theme. It seems like the concept has just always been around, but it had to start […]

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It’s Not Too Late to Shop for Dad!

Shop Father's Day Gifts Today | Otto's Granary

Father’s Day is just over one week away! If you’re the type to put off gift shopping until the last minute, don’t worry—it’s not too late to shop for dad. With so many options to choose from, there’s no doubt in our minds that he’ll love a gift from Otto’s Granary. We’ve mentioned a few […]

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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift & Date Ideas for the Unconventional Valentine

For most people with a special someone on Valentine’s Day, quintessential gifts that never seem to disappoint include flowers, chocolate, a romantic candlelit dinner, or maybe even a cheesy card with a mushy note. While these time-honored gifts are sure to delight, they are rather cliché, don’t you think? For those of us looking to […]

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Hopeless Romantic

Maybe you love love every day of the year, or maybe it’s your first Valentine’s Day with that new special someone; either way, these gifts are sure to make any hopeless romantic melt! Old school love notes A handwritten note accompanied by their favorite candy is always a cheesy-but-oh-so-cute idea. List “reasons why I melt […]