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The myths of caffeine in light vs. dark roast coffee have been carried throughout the years. At Otto’s Granary, we do carry both light and dark roast coffees, as well as medium. Light roast coffee carries a higher caffeine content and it typically not roasted past the first crack of a coffee bean. Purchasing light roast coffee, you’re going to get more caffeine in your bag that your average bag of medium or dark roast coffee. When it comes to the majority of our light roast coffees online or in our Lubbock, TX store, we offer the option for whole bean or ground coffee. Some of our coffees do come pre-bagged, which are mainly Hawaiian blends and GODIVA. The rest of our coffees are available in taster sizes, 1/2lb beans (whole/ground) and 1lb bags. Some of the light roast coffees available online here are Pecan praline, reindeer crunch, Irish cream, decaf white Russian, royal Hawaiian and Mozart chocolate. For questions on our coffees, please feel free to give us a call at 806-797-1728!