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Different Ways to Display Your Funko Pop Collection

Funko Pop Vinyls in TX

One of the hottest trends in collectibles that has emerged in recent years is Funko Pop figurines! These quirky, distinctive keepsakes are typically available in keychains, vinyl figures, bobble-heads, and many other unique products that allow you to indulge your love for pop culture.

Part of the fun of accumulating Funko Pops is figuring out the best way to show them off. Check out some of these cool ideas for creating your own Funko Pop display, so you have an excuse to add more to your collection!

Riser Stands

The layered look of tiered displays is perfect for making your individual Funkos stand out. Riser stands are especially useful if you take your figures out of their boxes. You’ll have enough room to place them all without having to worry about blocking any of your favorites!

Glass Cases

If you’ve invested a lot in your Funko Pop collection, you might want to opt for something a little sturdier to hold your exhibition. Glass display cases are an elegant and secure way to shine a spotlight on your memorabilia! The glass will protect them from dust and damage and give you a great opportunity to use some strategic lighting to emphasize your figurines.


A classic bookshelf offers you a lot of room to fit your entire group of Funkos both in and out of their boxes. It also makes for easy viewing! Adjust the shelves to create double or single stacks to accommodate your collection as it grows or to mix up your display every once in a while. Bookcases are affordable and adaptable—simply add them as you go and choose ones that best fit your style!

Custom Displays

A personalized presentation is a fun and creative way to showcase your beloved collection! Custom order one online or channel your passion and create it yourself—either way the possibilities are endless. You can tailor whichever structure works best for your space to reflect a particular franchise, make your own backdrops, and design a unique shape. Build your display to compliment your specific collection!

If you’re looking for more Funko Pops to round out your exhibition, check out the vast and eclectic selection we have at Otto’s Granary! We have Funko Pop vinyl figurines of all kinds from all your favorite pop culture franchises. Browse our online shop today to fill in the empty spaces in your collection!