Graduation Card: The Future is Bright! By Leanin Tree Cards

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Thank You & Appreciation Card: …a great big bunch!
Halloween Card: May surprise and delight greet you all through the night! Happy Halloween
Mother’s Day Card: May your day be warmed by beauty in everyday moments.
Easter Card: Hoppy Day! Hope it’s eggcellent in every way!
Christmas Money Card: We Wish you a Merry Christmas
Halloween Card: Hope your Halloween is sweet as can be!
Thanksgiving Card: Happy Thanksgiving May it be bright with joy
New Home Card: New Digs! Unleash The joy and Start Livin’ The dream! Congrats
Mother’s Day Card: You aresuch a bright spot in my life…
Father’s Day Card: You’re the real deal. Happy Father’s Day
Birthday Card: It’s just another birthday!
Birthday Card: Be Honest. Is This Too Much Lettuce
Congratulations Card: Wishing you a lifetime of success and dreams come true! Congratulations
Birthday Card – Year of Birth: You were the main event in 1971
Valentine Card: Happy Valentine’s Day You put the wag in my tail!
Halloween Card: Wishing you enough fun to wake the dead!
Halloween Card: Orange you glad it’s Halloween?
Birthday Card: Old age is like an old house…
Birthday Card: SENIOR JEOPARDY!…What is Happy Birthday?
Birthday Card: Wishing you smiles and laughter and lots of love.
Halloween Card: Put on a grin and let the fun begin!
Mother’s Day Card: …a great big bunch!
Father’s Day Card: You’re Pretty Much like the Best DAD By Leanin Tree Cards
Birthday Card – Year of Birth: You were the main event in 1969