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Holiday Coffee Bar Ideas to Warm Up Your Home This Season

Holiday Coffee in Texas

Do you want to make your home feel a little bit more magical this holiday season? You can do just that by putting together your own cozy coffee bar!

Here is how to create a holiday coffee bar that’ll put everyone into a festive mood.

Find the right location for your holiday coffee bar

Is there a section of your kitchen that you’re not using at the moment?

If so, that might be a nice place for your holiday coffee bar. Or, you might consider putting it in the corner of your dining room for easy access to your post-dinner beverage.

Wherever you choose to create your masterpiece, be sure it has its own dedicated area where people can gather to pour their favorite holiday brew and catch up with friends and family.

Decorate it with lots of holiday flair

You want your holiday coffee bar to feel warm and inviting.

Therefore, you should decorate it!

You can surround your coffeemaker and your other coffee supplies with everything from fake snow and garland, to a tiny Christmas tree with neatly wrapped boxes to look like gifts.

Stock it with plenty of holiday coffee beans

Your holiday coffee bar needs more than just regular old coffee!

You need to stock it with seasonal coffee beans made especially for the this time of year. There are Candy Cane Coffee Beans, Christmas Cookie Coffee Beans, Holiday Vanilla Spice Coffee Beans, and so much more. You and your holiday guests will be blown away by the delicious concoctions you’re able to make.

And don’t forget to include some tasty treats, too!

The holiday coffee beans at your coffee bar will be a huge hit—but why stop there?

Consider having holiday candies and treats readily available to serve guests along with their coffee. From candy canes to Jelly Belly jelly beans, these sweets will be the perfect finishing touches to your holiday coffee bar.

Are you ready to make your own holiday coffee bar in your home?

Otto’s Granary can help! Not only do we have holiday coffees and treats galore, we can also help you find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. Give us a call at 806-797-1728 to place an order this holiday season!