Chocolates from around the world, to mention a few:

Complete inventory includes Godiva truffles, bulk chocolates and gift boxes, cocoa, baking chocolate, bars, Godiva’s own coffees (2 oz. or 10 oz. foil pouches), biscuits, Godiva’s keepsake bears, and coffee mugs. We also have dark chocolates ranging from 50-85% cacao content.

Belgian, handmade exquisite chocolates and “melt in your mouth” flavored marzipan.

LeGrande Classic Truffles
San Francisco’s finest chocolatier!

Sweet Shoppe (Texas)
– Large truffles
– A large selection of Fool’s Gold, commonly known as turtles, including macadamia nut, almond, cashew and pecan.
– Handmade, finest American made of belgian chocolate.

Michel Cluizel (Paris, France)
-99% Dark Chocolate
-White Chocolate Liquor pieces
-Paris’ finest French Chocolate offerings including 99% dark chocolate


Otto's Granary