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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Hopeless Romantic

Couple Celebrating a Romantic Valentine's Day

Maybe you love love every day of the year, or maybe it’s your first Valentine’s Day with that new special someone; either way, these gifts are sure to make any hopeless romantic melt!

Old school love notes

A handwritten note accompanied by their favorite candy is always a cheesy-but-oh-so-cute idea.

List “reasons why I melt for you” (It is winter after all). Write cheeky things like ‘I’d lose my skittles without you’ (skittles), ‘be my hot tamale’ (hot tamales), ‘you make me turn to jelly’ (Jelly Belly)… you get the idea.

Don’t forget, we have several Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans available—from sweet to savory, there’s a flavor that’s bound to please your sweetheart.

The gift of irresistible lips

Lip gloss in the shade of love—any shade of red will do, just pick one you want to see on that special someone.

If it’s a guy you’re buying for, you can’t go wrong with Burt’s Bees chap stick. Most men could use a little TLC on those dry lips—making them all the better to kiss!

Fuzzy socks

Because let’s be honest—when was the last time anyone said they hated fuzzy socks? Exactly.

Box of ChocolatesDecadent chocolate

There is simply no better way to your special someone’s heart than through decadent chocolate. It’s been a staple in Valentine’s Day gifts since the dawn of time, so why fix what isn’t broken?

Coffee in bed

Do you want to know the best way to win their heart?

Bring them coffee!

We promise that this simple gift will warm your partner’s heart. If you think about it, what could be better than waking up Valentine’s Day morning to the wonderful aroma of coffee and the person you love?

With over 150 coffee beans in house, there’s a flavor for every coffee connoisseur.

Not a coffee fan? Don’t fret, at Otto’s Granary, we have 110 loose leaf teas to choose from.

Consider digital gifts

In the age of social media and selfies galore, why not put some of those adorable couple-selfies to good use? Print out a bunch of your favorites and create a collage of the two of you. Make those memories of you and your special someone last.

Love is in the air with scented candles

This may seem like a cliché gift (they all are!), but who doesn’t love a scented candle?

That’s what we thought. Want to take it up a notch?

Find a candle with sandalwood. It’s considered an aphrodisiac, which is sure to spice things up.

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, but when you shop gifts, coffee and more at Otto’s Granary, you’re sure to earn major heart eye emojis from your sweetheart!