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Coffee Ice Cubes: Changing the Way You Drink Iced Coffee

Coffee Ice Cubes in Ice Cube Tray

There’s nothing more disappointing then going to take a sip of the last bit of your iced coffee, only to have the unsatisfying taste of what could only be considered coffee-flavored water.

But not anymore—say goodbye to your watered-down iced coffee!

We have a hack that’s simple to make and is guaranteed to seriously up your iced coffee game:

Start stocking your freezer with coffee ice cubes and never experience dull sip of iced coffee again!

How to make coffee ice cubes

Coffee ice cubes are incredibly easy to make, even for the cooking-challenged.

  1. Brew a pot of coffee—it can be your go-to morning blend, or get fancy and use a cold brew blend, or even a flavored ground coffee such as hazelnut or vanilla.

Check out our selection of over 40 different flavored coffees—you could get real elaborate with flavors such as caramel hazelnut cream and chocolate chip cookie to name a few!

  1. Next, pour the coffee into the ice cube tray. Consider using a silicone tray for easier removal of the ice cubes.
  2. Freeze & eureka! Enjoy your epic iced coffee, or even use the cubes to cool off a hot brew!

Coffee ice cube recipes

Feeling like getting a little fancy with your iced coffee? Consider making mocha ice cubes.

Are you a fan of the ‘basic’ caramel macchiato? To create this at home, whisk together iced coffee, milk and caramel. Pour into the ice cube tray and freeze!

Consider yourself an at-home barista? Check out this recipe for iced coffee that incorporates your favorite milk or creamer, simple syrup, and yes, mint.

No matter how you enjoy your iced coffee, from simple cold brew and ice cubes to flavored iced coffee or an iced mocha, you can now enjoy your iced coffee—completely upgraded and simply delicious, down to the last drop!

For all of your coffee-making needs, call on the experts at Otto’s Granary! We have something for every coffee-lover—just see for yourself here!

Not sure what flavors and blends are right for you? We can help! Give us a call at 806-797-1728 today.