Friendship Card: It’s a world full of wonder… and you’re a very special part of it!

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Birthday Card: Face it: You’re Fabulous!
Mother’s Day Card: for Mom…love you bunches…
Mother’s Day Card: A heart full of happiness, a life full of love. By Leanin Tree Cards
Graduation Card: You Rock By Leanin Tree Cards
Birthday Card: Hope it’s wonderful, just like you!
Easter Card: May the promise of Easter bring new joys to you.
Encouragement & Support Card: I say we just grab our sippy cups and take a nap
Anniversary Card: Happily ever after was just the beginning.
Sympathy Card: Thoughts, Prayers, and Love
Birthday Card – Year of Birth: You were the main event in 1937!
Halloween Card: Hope your day is purrrfectly spooky
Halloween Card: Hope your Halloween is sweet as can be!
Christmas Money Card: Sweet! $ Hope this card puts some jingle in your season
Mother’s Day Card: Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom of all time! By Leanin Tree Cards
Halloween Card: Hugs and Hisses for a Happy Halloween
Valentine Card: Perfect together… FUR-ever and ever. Happy Valentines Day
Birthday Card: You put your left leg in, your back goes out…
Encouragement & Support Card: Seek that which makes your spirit fly! By Leanin Tree Cards
Retirement Card: Just one thing left to do…Whatever you want.
Birthday Card: Life isn’t much about where we’ve been… as who we’ve been there with
Halloween Card: May your tricks be fun and your treats be sweet!
Christmas Card: Cowboy Santa delivering Gifts
Thank You & Appreciation Card: Mountains of Thanks!
Christmas Card: From the Two of Us!