Graduation Card: Way to hit the Books By Leanin Tree Cards

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Peace on Earth Good Will to All by Leanin Tree Boxed Christmas Cards
Set of 10 White Woodland Santa Greeting Cards by Jim Shore (6006185)
Birthday Card – Year of Birth: You were the main event in 1975
Retirement Card: Just one thing left to do…Whatever you want.
Christmas Card: We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Birthday Card: How to train your human
Birthday Card: I Hear All The Mice are Organic.
Birthday Card: Happy Birthday to one of the good guys!
Congratulations Card: FAB-YOU-LOUS! Congratulations By Leanin Tree Cards
Halloween Card: Hope your Halloween is wicked fun.
Christmas Card: From the Two of Us!
Birthday Card: Birthday Rose Have a Lovely Day
Halloween Card: Trick or Treat
Halloween Card: hoppy haunting. Have a Toadally Hoppy Halloween
Halloween Card: Wishing you enough fun to wake the dead!
Thanksgiving Card: Happy Thanksgiving May it be bright with joy
Christmas Card: He knows if you’ve been bad or good So you might as well drop the act
Halloween Card: This calls for a happy dance!
Birthday Card: Weren’t you old enough last year?
Birthday Card: Be Honest. Is This Too Much Lettuce
Birthday Card: Life isn’t much about where we’ve been… as who we’ve been there with
Father’s Day Card: Happy Father’s Day DAD By Leanin Tree Cards
Birthday Card: The farther down the road, more treasured you become!
Christmas Card: With all Good Wishes for the New Year