Birthday Card: It’s your birthday! I say wear your party pants!


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Congratulations Card: Congrats to You
Birthday Card: The secret to eternal youth…
Graduation Card: Congratulations… By Leanin Tree Cards
Birthday Card: Happy Birthday to one of the good guys!
Graduation Card: The Future is Bright! By Leanin Tree Cards
Graduation Card: Make A Wish Upon A Star By Leanin Tree Cards
Birthday Card: From the heart of Texas…
Birthday Card: Old age is like an old house…
Baby Congratulations Card: So happy for you! Congratulations
Christmas Money Card: FA-LA-LA-LA-LA LA-MOOLA-LA
Halloween Card: Bugs and Kisses. …and Spooky Halloween Wishes!
Birthday Card: The trick is to find a good spot…
Easter Card: May you rejoice in the magic of Easter
Friendship Card: Just wanted to send some smiles your way!
Halloween Card: Wishing you all the enchantment of a bewitchingly Happy Halloween!
Birthday Card: On Your Birthday! Remember Age is Simply Mind Over Matter…
Halloween Card: This calls for a happy dance!
Birthday Card: Unleash your wild side and celebrate at full throttle! Happy Birthday
Birthday Card: Happy Birthday!
Father’s Day {Name}: Have a great day! By Leanin Tree Cards
Birthday Card – Year of Birth: You were the main event in 1937!
Graduation Card: Way to hit the Books By Leanin Tree Cards
Birthday Card: It’s just another birthday!
Father’s Day Card: To a man who always has a firm grip… By Leanin Tree Cards