Animals at the Door Box of 10 Cards by Leanin Tree (XMXMS)

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Father’s Day Card: For all you do…this one’s for you!! By Leanin Tree Cards
Birthday Card: Happy Birthday to one of the good guys!
Easter Card: May all the sweet moments of Easter color your world with joy!
Birthday Card: I sure hope it’s your birthday…Cheers! By Leanin Tree Cards
Birthday Card: Stat Wild Stay True Have Fun Celebrate You!
Valentine Card: I Love love love you! Happy Valentine’s Day
Easter Card: May the promise of Easter bring new joys to you.
Birthday Card: Happy Birthday!
Graduation Card: Reach for the Sky By Leanin Tree Cards
Anniversary Card: Happiness is being married to your best friend!
Sympathy Card: Thoughts, Prayers, and Love
Birthday Card: You’ll always be a spring chicken at heart…
Christmas Card: Warm and fuzzy wishes for a very Merry Christmas
Thinking of You Card: Out of sight, but never out of mind. Thinking of You
Valentine Card: All you need is LOVE Happy Valentine’s Day
Halloween Card: Put on a grin and let the fun begin!
Birthday Card: On Your Birthday! Remember Age is Simply Mind Over Matter…
Birthday Card: The trick is to find a good spot…
Birthday Card: We’ve been friends for so long… By Leanin Tree Cards
Birthday Card: Birthday Rose Have a Lovely Day
Birthday Card: Old age has its benefits
Birthday Card: SENIOR JEOPARDY!…What is Happy Birthday?
Christmas Card: Meowy Christmas
Valentine Card: Always and Forever Happy Valentine’s Day