Birthday Card – Year of Birth: You were the main event in 1954


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Easter Card: Wishing you a day that’s bright with joy and filled with love.
Friendship Card: Hi you It’s Just Me thinking of you
Congratulations Card: Her feet hurt from kicking so much ass! Woo-hoo! Way to go!
Birthday Card: Been There, Done That
Christmas Card: It’s just a simple little wish but it sure holds a lot of love
Birthday Card: If that ain’t the sun…it must be your birthday cake!
Christmas Card: Wishing you a heart-warming Christmas season
Congratulations Card: Wishing you a lifetime of success and dreams come true! Congratulations
Boxed Cards 1 each of 20 designs: The Art of Boots Reynolds by Leanin Tree Cards
Christmas Card: Remembering you in this spical season
Graduation Card: You Rock By Leanin Tree Cards
Valentine Card: Happy Valentine’s Day You put the wag in my tail!
Birthday Card: Hoping you have a wonder-ful birthday!
Set of 10 Nutcracker Greeting Cards by Jim Shore (6006186)
Valentine Card: Valentine I’m Sweet On You!
Halloween Card: Wishing you a monstrously good time!
Christmas Card: The secret to a Merry Christmas is Simply to believe
Season Greetings Christmas Cards by Leanin Tree (AST90303)
Father’s Day Card: You’re the Best Dad under the Stars By Leanin Tree Cards
Friendship Card: It’s a world full of wonder… and you’re a very special part of it!
Congratulations Card: The sky is only the beginning.
Father’s Day {Name}: Have a great day! By Leanin Tree Cards
Mother’s Day Card: The real heroes of the world are moms like you
Birthday Card: Maintenance costs get higher and higher