Birthday Card: Face it: You’re Fabulous!


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Birthday Card – Year of Birth: You were the main event in 1944
Christmas Card: The secret to a Merry Christmas is Simply to believe
Seashell Wreath Boxed Christmas Cards (62975000)
Birthday Card: SENIOR JEOPARDY!…What is Happy Birthday?
Red Hibiscus Boxed Christmas Cards by Island Heritage (62980000)
Christmas Money Card: It’s Christmas time – oh what Fun
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Christmas Card: He knows if you’ve been bad or good So you might as well drop the act
Birthday Card: Stat Wild Stay True Have Fun Celebrate You!
Birthday Card: Happy Birthday to one of the good guys!
Easter Card: As we celebrate the miracle of Easter.
Friendship Card: You’re a card-worthy friend in a text-message world!
Father’s Day Card: To a man who always has a firm grip… By Leanin Tree Cards
Thanksgiving Card: Put on a grin and let the fun begin!
Halloween Card: Smile…
Thank You & Appreciation Card: …a great big bunch!
Birthday Card: Wishing you a happy, relaxing day with no bull! Happy Birthday
Island Joy 12 ct Deluxe Boxed Christmas Cards by Island Heritage
Birthday Card: You may not be extinct…
Sympathy Card: With Sympathy
Graduation Card: Way to hit the Books By Leanin Tree Cards
Easter Card: Bright and sunny wishes for a beautiful Easter!
Christmas Card: Red Truck Wishing you every blessing of Christmas
Birthday Card: You may not be the latest model, but you’ll always be a classic! Happy Birthday