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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift & Date Ideas for the Unconventional Valentine

For most people with a special someone on Valentine’s Day, quintessential gifts that never seem to disappoint include flowers, chocolate, a romantic candlelit dinner, or maybe even a cheesy card with a mushy note.

While these time-honored gifts are sure to delight, they are rather cliché, don’t you think?

For those of us looking to break the mold, here are a few unique gift and date ideas that will undoubtedly wow your unconventional Valentine:

Breakfast fit for your King or Queen

Maybe candlelit dinners just aren’t your thing, or maybe you’re tired of calling every classy restaurant in town begging for a reservation. Perhaps you’re over frantically searching the internet for the perfect sure-to-impress meal to whip up.

Insert the breakfast spread—who doesn’t like breakfast any time of the day?

Waking up Valentine’s Day morning with your partner by your side? Doesn’t breakfast in bed sound delightful?

Not seeing each other until dinner? Breakfast dinners with the works—doesn’t the saying go, “a way to their heart is through their stomach?”

Get cozy

What could be better than cozying up with your partner next to a warm fire? Nothing.

Throw some marshmallows on a roasting stick and make some great s’mores with that Valentine’s Day chocolate you bought—just in case the whole fire thing didn’t work out.

Go dancing

The restaurants you tried making a reservation at are packed—you’d be sitting on top of another couple anyway. Put on your dancing shoes and take the night to the dance floor! Enjoy a glass of your favorite vino in between dance breaks.

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As for the Valentine’s Day gift: if boxes of chocolate and red roses make your eyes roll, check out these ideas for something unique!

A coffee mug that says it all

Who wouldn’t want to drink their morning coffee or tea in a cup too cute to handle? Exactly. Check out our variety of mugs here!


Are you handy? A good cook? A great dish washer?

Create homemade ‘honey do’ coupons for your partner to cash in whenever they want!

Some ideas: After dinner dish duty, 10-minute back massage, no complaining, etc. You get the idea.

Unique gifts that last

Does your someone special have unique taste or interests? Star Wars fan? Disney enthusiast? We’ve got a unique gift sure to put a smile on their face—check out our selection!

For all of your Valentine’s Day needs, turn to Otto’s Granary. We have the perfect sweets for your sweetheart and the perfect gift to match. Call us at 806-797-1728 today for help finding your Valentine’s Day necessities!